We chose to be highly focused on the issue of Veteran Employment.


Our team is well designed and prepared to work with the veteran to assist them in civilian employment reintegration. We have developed an innovative way to get veterans and their families prepared for reentry into the civilian workforce. This system is unlike any other available today. It is based on common-sense, discipline, and the veterans attitude to succeed. Our program is designed to accomplish one goal. That goal is for the veteran to be successful. We except nothing less and the veteran understands that when they enter our program. The veterans top priority is working with their team to develop the finest interactive resume, the best interviewing skills and how to use both to to their advantage while seeking employment. The veteran is put in the position to win at all times. Focus is the key and we have mastered that with the Interactive Employment System.




Working with veterans in a strategic program allows them to focus on the tasks that they need to develop the skills that will put and keep them ahead of the rest. Being a part of our program creates a “team” environment, which is something the veteran understands from their time in the military. The Team is made up of Career Coaches, as well as others who have extensive knowledge in the hiring process. These team members have one very specific goal in mind… Success.

The 30 Day Program

Designed around successful practices, this program creates a unique opportunity for the veteran to partner with our team to develop themselves as professionals. The system includes the following components:

  • Interactive Resume
  • Resume Training
  • Job Interview Training
  • Employment Matching
  • Veteran/Employer Support

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Janna Nachamkin

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“The Welcome Home Group made the transition from military to civilian life so much smoother. They gave me hope and support through an otherwise stressful time. Thank you!”

John Bridgens U.S. Air Force

“Just wanted to let you know that I just wrapped up the interview module with Mr. Nealon. It was an absolute pleasure working with him. His professionalism is unparalleled”

Christian Rewti cropped
Christian Rewti U.S. Marine Corps

My recent experience with The Welcome Home Group was exceptional. The staff there was professional, considerate, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. What I believe to be the most valuable part of The Welcome Home Group is their excellent support & customer service which to me installs confidence in the future of this great service.

Louis Fitzgerald U.S. Marine Corps

“It was an incredible experience to work with The Welcome Home Group to develop my interactive resume. I am truly grateful for their dedication to helping military families!”

Nola Bridgens Military Spouse

This It’s AMAZING! I finally get something worth doing cart wheels for free, little to no hassle just for being a VET. Cutting edge technology at my fingertips. Ms Janna is just the nicest all the way through. This whole process has inspired me about who I am… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sabrina Smith U.S. Navy

As a client of The Welcome Home Group, they provided me with professional, valuable and extremely effective services that have changed my life. I support and recommend their services.

Sheridan Bowes U.S. Air Force

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